Niagara's Fury

August 25, 2010
By ForeverDreamin BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
ForeverDreamin BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
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New York City, associate with its commercialized glories, is considered the heart and soul of the civilized world. Innovative technologies, prestigious shopping environments, and the striking skyscraper are all what define NYC as life on the fast lane. Being entangled in this materialistic city could definitely get jaded, and for those who look for a different kind of excitement, Niagara Falls is the place to be.

Located at the boarder of New York and Ontario, Canada, this amazing natural phenomenon is impossible to miss and draws tourists from around the globe. As you approach the falls, the rumbling resound of water flows into your ears. As you get closer, the harbinger of mist filled air hits your skin. You’ll feel yourself being lured by an invisible power toward the falls. As your take your first peak at the tumbling water, you are bound to be hit with an effusion of wonder and feel your heart distend with happiness. Yes, that’s the power of nature.

Spellbound by the magic of Niagara Falls, you can immerge your self with the surrounding beauty and soak it all in. There are two major falls : the American fall and the Horseshoe Fall, the later is the focus point and most frequently depicted in photos. To best enjoy everything Niagara has to offer, slow down your travel pace and spend one day on each side of the falls. Start with the American side, and end in Canada by venturing across the Rainbow Bridge (make sure to bring personal identification).

One activity that can’t be missed is the Maid of the Mist boat ride. Rides initiate from both sides and grant riders an up-close-and-personal view of the unobstructed falls. Yes you will get wet, but when you get that chance to dwell in the middle of the Horseshoe fall, witnessing that double rainbow, while water tumble from the sky around you, it’s all worthwhile. Just make sure to capture this memory with a camera! Another popular activity is the Cave of Winds, and be warned this is not for the faint of heart. This trip will take you closer to the fall than you thought possible. In fact you are a mere 20 feet away from the fall as your face the fall head-on.

This is not to say that Niagara fall is only for the adventurous nature lovers, in fact the surrounding is well developed and offers a wide range of activities common at any popular attraction. There are many delicious dinners (check out Skylon Tower, a rotating sky restaurant), cute shops, and even amusement parks. But when you are here at Niagara, happy feelings are infectious, and you’ll definitely be satisfied

Make sure to end your visit with the illumination show on the side of Canada (better and broader view). This is when the chaotic crowds calms, with all eyes focused on the color changing falls. The fall illuminate with soft colors gives of an ethereal feeling that can’t be missed. To make the night even better, there are fireworks!

The Niagara experience is truly unique and inimitable. So next time you are in New York, skip that regular trip to the Central Park, and check out the Niagara falls. The fury awaits.

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