The Unsinkable Sinks?

July 19, 2010
By AriiLynn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
AriiLynn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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On April 15 the R.M.S. Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage in the middle of the ice cold Atlantic Ocean. On April 10, just five days before, over 2,200 people were excited to be on a ship unlike any other. The Titanic was suppose to land safely in the docks of New York City, New York, from the safe docks of Southampton, England , but on April 14 tragedy hit!

The Titanic was entering a huge ice field, so the ships watchman immediately sent Mr. Ismay a telegraph reporting the situation. Mr. Ismay not wanting to disturb his party , read the telegram and tucked it in his suit pocket returning to his party.

At 11:39 PM on April 14 the Titanic came in the path of a massive iceberg. At this time it was too late and the passengers of the R. M. S. Titanic were doomed. As the Titanic approached the massive iceberg, captain Edward smith, tried turning the ship. The massive size of the Titanic made it impossible to swerve around the ice berg in the 60 second time that they had before confronting the iceberg. Shortly after Captain Smith tried turning the boat, the iceberg scraped the starboard(right side) of the Titanic. Being that the Titanic had air tight space, the cold Atlantic waters began to swiftly fill the massive area , which just seconds before was filled with air. The Titanic was sinking! With only 20 life boats the crew knew that many passengers wouldn’t survive, and for many crew and 3rd class passengers this meant they were never again to see their family. On the first lifeboat which held 68 people, left with only 28 passengers. We believe the pandemonium of it all, caused some crew members to send most life boats out half empty. Once the first and second classes go off the ship there were no more life boats left. Though many first class passengers survived , one little toddler named Lorraine Allison was the only child from first class who did not survive. She got lost when her family went to board the lifeboats. Her families nurse was searching for her little brother ,Trevor Allison, when she got lost and remained on deck.

Soon the bow(front end) of the boat had so much water in it that it began to curl under water. The stern(back end) of the titanic still had air packed spaces, and soon the R.M.S. Titanic began to rip in half! During this collision Mr. Astor was smashed between the masts of the ship and killed. In the end only 705 of the 2.000 people that boarded the Titanic lived. Over 1500 people died in the sinking of the Titanic. We will always remember those that died in our hearts.

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