Auschwitz Camps

June 27, 2010
By imanilovesyou BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
imanilovesyou BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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In 1933, Adolf Hitler was elected Prime Minister (chancellor) of Germany. Soon conflicts between 3 different territories began to break out in 1939. Hitler took away any power from Jews and communists. Hitler put the jews, communist, and pretty much anybody who isn't a nazi in ghettos, then soon after, he put them in concentration camps call Auschwitz. There were three main camps; Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II- Berkenau, and Auschwitz III- Monowitz (AKA the Buna.)

Auschwitz I was an administrative center with a death toll of 70,000 people. Most of these people were ethnic poles and Soviet prisoners of the war. Auschwitz II was an extermination camp. There were two gas chambers, "Thew Little Red House", and "The Little White House". 960,000 jews, 75,000 poles, and 19,000 gypsies were killed. Auschwitz III was a labor camp and it was on of the largest camps. Exactly 40,000 prisoners worked in slave labor camps near by, and 11,000 prisoners worked at Monowitz.

A prisoners day began around 4:30. They would wear stripped fatigues with no underwear, and wooden shoes with no socks. A lot of the time the shoes wouldn't fit really good and would hurt, making labor even harder. A working day lasted 12 hours and in the winter, they would work less hours. There was never anytime to rest and they would have to be timed on how long they use the bathroom.

In these camps, nobody were treated as humans. Prisoners couldn't escape or fight back. Conditions were deplorable, not to mention inhumane. These Nazis could care less about what they were doing, and they deserved one of the crucial beatings that they were handing out so unmercifully.

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