Distillery District Review

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

The Distillery District is a beautiful place with brick streets and old buildings. The attractiveness of the distillery made me excited but I was a bit disappointed in the prices. The Distillery District is located on the corner of Parliament St and Front St. It is closed off from all traffic and has its own main streets to walk through and check out the many places. Although the distillery is closed off from traffic, there are three different parking lots to park your vehicles. On a weekday, a couple of the parking lots were crowded while the other had a fair amount of spots left. If I were to visit on a weekend, I would suspect each parking lot to be full and finding spots could get aggravating.
Reaching the distillery is very easy, the distillery district is only a minute away from a TTC stop and taking the TTC from there is only minutes away from King Station. Not only is the distillery close to public transit, but it is right off of the Gardiner Express. When I reached the distillery, many stores surrounded me including restaurants, bars, a bakery, scooter shop, grocery, and even a freshly made chocolate store. These stores blew my mind, but the prices would have left burnt a hole in my pocket. I checked out the bakery because it was drawing a lot of attention. The food looked delicious but I was distracted by the prices beside the goods. At the bakery, a place where you would expect decent prices, sold a sausage, the size of breakfast sausages, in a bun cost about $4.00. Later on, I went to the grocery store looking for something filling for a decent price. The grocery store’s prices were a couple dollars above an average NoFrills or Food Basics and which were comparatively cheaper than the restaurants that would cost from $10.00 to $20.00 for lunch. Fellow teenagers won’t have the money to spend at the distillery; especially with difficulty it is to find a job at our age.
The Distillery District is not the place teenagers would like to hang out around. It doesn’t have the prices nor has anything to offer that teens would enjoy. Teenagers are into clothes, electronics, movies and cheap stores to eat or grab a drink, not artwork souvenirs. The distillery district has expensive food, theatre, and no clothes for teenagers. A teenager would only go there but lose interest quite fast. The theatre seems like it would be a main attraction, but most teenagers would rather see a movie. The Distillery would just lead to boredom for the teens as it did for me.
Overall, I think the Distillery District is visually appealing, and a bit boring. Nothing caught my interest the entire time I was there. It is not a place to relax at or hang out, but it is a decent site visit while touring around Toronto.

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