My religion...Then and Now

June 7, 2010
When I was younger a cross to me was what Jesus carried. Now it is what not only Jesus carried for us, yet it is what we all carry and help each other carry. When I was younger, I saw the Stations of the Cross around the church as a sad story, and nothing else. Now I see them as an inspiration of my journey with my very own cross. I also see it as inspiration to help others carry their very own crosses. When I was younger, I thought that Catholicism was all about reading the Bible and sitting in CCD. Now I learned it provides me a foundation to improve my relationship with myself, god and others. When I was younger, I though killing someone was a sin. Now I see a sin as a failure of one of those relationships, and that we are all capable of sinning and do sin. When I was younger, my life was all I knew to me. Now I see it as a small part of my life, which will be followed by eternal life. When I was younger, the cross in the back parking lot of the church meant little to nothing to me. Now I understand when I take the Host in Mass, I’m being empowered to do just what that sign says and means; to make God’s kingdom on earth. When I was younger, I would have thought my faith journey was being an expert in the Catholic religion. Now I know it is to play my part and make God’s Kingdom on Earth. I know that I was put here on Earth for a reason, although I do not know that exact reason.

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