Bar Mitzvah!

May 27, 2010
Its early morning, nine in the morning to be exact, I’m nervous. It’s the day of my bar mitzvah, one of the most important days of my life. Nearly a year of slacking off, and studying very hard for once every two weeks until the last few weeks, I nervously put on my prayer shawl. Making my way up to the stage, I sit on one of the 2 couches up there. And I am told to move because that’s where the rabbi sits. I felt embarrassed, not for the last time too. So I move, then to the other couch when I realize I’m alone. An hour has passed before I step up to the podium to give my speech.

“Hello and thank you for coming to my bar mitzvah. I’d like to thank my…” Is how I start off. After I finish the speech I start my torah portion, a Hebrew text written on parchment in old Hebrew letters, without vowels. After I’m done, I tell my self that I’m nearly done. But the Haftorah, Modern Hebrew text with vowels, and color coded to help me know how to sing the phrase, it should be easy. But it’s hard because I have not learned to say ½ of a page fluently. It is the hardest part for me. But as I near that part, I am very confident.

As I am walking off from my Haftorah portion, I am relived. Then without warning, a piece of candy goes flying by my face. Embarrassed, I walk back to the podium, I dodge the few pieces of candy that hit the podium. Later that day, at lunch, I’m talking to my friends. And I “accidentally” brag about it. Then Mike S., armed with Hershey kisses, throws them right in my face.

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