May 25, 2010
By HyunY BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
HyunY BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Due to its popularity, McDonalds can be found almost anywhere in the world. Having different lifestyles and preferences, many different people in the world have developed their own McDonald’s. American McDonalds and Korean McDonalds have many similarities and differences. The similarities and differences are based on the different cultures of the two countries.

Many McDonald’s restaurants are located in both Korea and America. On the streets of the New York City, McDonald’s brings people in by seducing them with its tasty food; McDonald’s in Korea also brings many people in. Having built more than 300 stores, Korean McDonald’s still has its popularity among the people as a fast-food restaurant. America undoubtedly has the highest number of McDonalds stores; 12800 McDonalds stores are built. Based on the high number of active stores in each country, both McDonalds still seem to be the most popular hamburger restaurants.

Both of the McDonalds offer Kids’ meals or Happy Meals. Whenever a new Disney movie releases, toys of the characters come out too. Having affected the kids who love Disney movies, McDonald’s has profited from these collaborations. In both Korea and America, McDonald’s policies develop the Happy Meal as a way of benefitting from kids.

Kids’ playgrounds are usually in both McDonalds. For instance, the McDonalds restaurant, which is located nearby my Korean house, has a big playground on the second floor of the building. Located nearby Lancaster, another McDonald’s also has a playground for kids. Having intended to give convenience to customers who need their kids to be stay nearby them during their meals, Kids’ playgrounds offer great convenience

Both McDonalds offers Big-Macs on the menus. Since the Big-Mac was released, it continues to be the top-selling burger in the company. Tossed with a piece of beef, tomatoes, and lettuce inside of bread, the Big-Mac makes people, who come to the restaurant without any decision for the order being made, to say, “Big-Mac please.”

The hourly wages in Korean McDonalds is cheaper than that of American McDonald’s. Most Korean McDonalds typically pay 4 dollars hourly to the workers who even take small positions such as cashier, cook and fry turner. On the other hand, most American McDonald’s stores pay more than 7 dollars to any small positions; managers get paid almost 10 dollars hourly. Paying much more to the workers, American McDonald’s might be a better work place in contrast to the Korean McDonald’s.

Korean McDonalds do not offer self-refilling machines for drinks. Requested to ask for refilling at the counter, Korean customers sometimes struggle to get their drinks refilled when the restaurant is crowded. Compared to American McDonald’s, which offers the self-refilling machines, the Korean McDonalds seem to offer less sufficient services to customers.

Furthermore, the menus are different. Korean McDonalds offer Bul-Gogi Burger, a burger with the seasoned beef in traditional Korean way, and Kim-Chi burger seasoned by traditional Korean cabbage salad, Kim-Chi. People who are raised in different cultures developed their own flavor, and they eventually affect each McDonald’s to serve different menus.

Having eaten different kinds of meal, Americans and Koreans consume different amount of calories from the hamburgers. Research shows that one American Big-Mac burger contains 560 calories, while Korean Big-Mac only contains 500 calories; more sodium is contained in American Big-Mac burgers. This fact shows that Americans typically eat saltier than Koreans do. Having been changed to fulfill the average nutritional need and the preferences of Koreans and Americans, the burgers from the two countries have different nutrition
Since the two countries’ McDonald’s have been affected by each different culture, they have changed and developed for their different customers. The different status of two countries even affected whether the restaurants offer the same range of payment, the same menus or the same calories on each food; of course, they are different. Nevertheless, the two different McDonalds still have similarities such as the big popularities, kid’s meal and so on. Conclusively, the basic system of McDonald’s that has distributed it worldwide never changed even though the restaurant has been accustomed to their different customers with different cultures.

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