When I Went to Africa

May 18, 2010
When I went to Africa. Last summer me and my family went to Botswana and stayed at phinda game reserve. Phinda game reserve was very beautiful with all of the exotic and interesting wildlife and many wonderful plains. One of my favorite things about that trip was in the mornings and the evenings when the sun was on the horizon it looked as big as the whole earth. With its magical glare and colors from it makes it the best way to end a peaceful day in Botswana. But the sunrise and sunset mark the time for the hunting to begin in the vast plains of Botswana. The most lethal animal hunter is the hippopotamus with its mouth as big as a 3 year old child. What also make it so lethal is that is a both a land and water animal and for the last 3 years they have set the record for killing the most people in the worldwide. But the most inhabited animal in phinda game reserve is the cheetah no other game reserve in all of Africa has as many cheetahs. Cheetahs are my most favorite animal because they can travel the fastest of any land animal at a maximum speed of about 60 mph. But cheetahs can only maintain their top speed for about 300 – 500 meters and then they have to stop. Cheetahs there are very lazy because they sleep for about 16 to 20 hours a day so you will find allot of them that are sleeping but when they heard my vehicle the wake up and either just lay their or they will leave. On one of the game drives early in the morning I mixed my cold milk with some hot chococolate coco and made a really cold delicious chocococlate goop. During the day you go on 2 game drives one in the morning and one in the late evening but during the day from 1:00 to 4:00 o’clock it is nap time so you can stay up late on the night game drives. The best things about the night game drives in phinda game reserve are that there are a lot of leopards. On the second day that I was there on the evening game drive we found a leopard that was in the brush that came out and started walking. Then about 3 days later the best trip of my life was over we left and got o n the plane back to London Heathrow. When we got to London Heathrow international airport are plane was delayed because British airways went on strike so we were stuck in London for about 3 days then some flights opened up including the flight to Dallas. We saw that the flight had opened and then we were on our way back home and that was the end to the African trip.

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