My Adventure in Austin

May 16, 2010
After I was ready to leave, I wondered about the last time I was in Austin, and what it was like there, and thinking what our hotel would be like. I also thought why we are going to Austin instead of Colorado, or Florida. I couldn’t find the reason why, so I chose to play on my iPod during the trip, and I played mostly NOVA, which is available at the app store. Nearly a couple hours later, my family started getting hungry and tired of driving, so we stopped at a Mexican Restaurant. It was a great restaurant; they had some chips for appetizers, like usual Mexican restaurants. For the meal, I ordered a #1 “Two Beef Enchiladas”. I was so hungry; I thought this would take away only half of my appetite, but as I talked, my appetite nearly vanished. Luckily I finished my meal, and my family quickly got back in the car to get to our hotel.

Finally, when we arrived, I quickly logged on my iPod to check if the hotel had Wi-Fi networks. There were about fifteen networks, all without security pass codes!

“Yes!” I yelled in excitement. Now I could have fun playing NOVA online with some of my friends. I knew that I shouldn’t play very much on my iPod. Since our family would go to a museum, and listen to rock and metal bands play. For now, because it’s almost 5:00 in the afternoon, so I’ll play on my iPod for now.

Later, our family decided to have a vote to eat at Wendy’s or Taco Bueno. I wanted to eat at Wendy’s, but everyone else wanted to eat at Taco Bueno. So instead of forcing me to have tacos, I just took my own order at Wendy’s to make everything fair.

The next day, my parent’s woke me and my brother up at around 8:00 in the morning, to give all of us the whole day to do stuff.

”Let’s go have some breakfast!” My dad explained, but my brother and I were very tired, but all what that did was make my dad try to push us harder. Finally, though my brother and I brushed our teeth and got dressed. Next, my family walked out of our room, and walked down to the breakfast place.
“It’s a great idea that you woke me up early, so we would get free breakfast. But still you shouldn’t have let me sleep in another hour.” I told them. For breakfast, they had eggs, sausages, cereal, and some breakfast drinks. I had some eggs, a couple of sausages, and some milk for breakfast. Their food was pretty good, a great deal, because it’s free!
After breakfast, our family got ready to leave to visit the Texas History Museum. The drive to get there took about half an hour, and I saw an enormous star to represent Texas. Then, our family bought tickets for the museum, which was free for toddlers, $5.00 for kids and teens, $7.00 for adults, and $6.00 for seniors.

Later, after purchasing our tickets, my family walked to the entrance of the Texas history museum. At the museum, they had three floors with thousands of facts, statues, and videos. Some of my favorites included the band of Santana. My brother and I usually stuck together, walking quickly. My mom and dad were slowly walking around looking at each detail. After ignoring almost all of the stuff, all of a sudden, my brother and I saw an old plane in the museum! We basically stood there more than everything else combined.

A few hours later, our family was done, so we got out of the museum, so we chose to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse. I ordered what most people did “Spaghetti and Meatballs with an appetizer.” Their drink cups were so huge, those glasses could hold up to about thirty two ounces. Well, there food was really good; I’ll want to visit there again as soon as possible!

After having lunch, our family wanted to take a tour around the city. As we were driving around Austin, our family noticed something strange. There were thousands of people crowding the streets, and I could hear some music. Lots of the people were wearing green clothes, hats, etc.“Oh! It’s Saint Patrick’s day!” I just remembered. My family completely forgot about that. To see exactly what everyone was doing, we parked our car, and walked down the streets. Nearly everyone there was sixteen to twenty years old! They have several bands, shops, and other goods there.

The first thing we did there was look at some shops and listening to some of the music some bands were playing outside. Most of the little shops had stuff about guitars for rock/metal, and t-shirts about how awesome Austin is. Some of the bands were very strange. One band used violins, and a bucket to play rock, and that sounded really cool. The coolest shop was larger than most of the shops. They had lots of stuff about guitars. My brother is very interested in that stuff, so we stayed there for an hour. My favorite part of that was paintings using notes. For example one used a bunch of real eights notes to make the globe of the earth!

After a very long day of walking around everywhere, I started complaining that I wanted to go back to the hotel.

“No Eric! Not for another hour so stop whining!” After complaining about going back home, my parents said all right.

“Yes! Now I can finally relax at home!” I said. After the drive home, I quickly came back to my iPod to check out some stuff, and of course play NOVA!

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