May 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Over the years my family has taken a lot of different vacations. One of my family’s favorite spots is an island in South Carolina called “Hilton Head”. Although this area is designed basically for tourists, it’s always been a favorite among my family. In the past years we have had a pattern where every-other summer we went to Hilton Head and the other years, different places. Hilton Head has always been a great place we can count on to relax. There’s a pool, and a beach just a stone’s throw away from the condo we stay in and we can always count on it being super comfortable. Another awesome vacation was when I was little and my grandma decided to take the whole family on a cruise. Needless to say it was awesome. As little kids my sister and I were able to get ice cream sundaes and go swimming daily. Three years ago, my family decided to go once again on a cruise. This time is was even better since we were older and more aware of the options the cruise held. This cruise unlike the first one, in the Caribbean, was in the Mediterranean and before enjoying a week long cruise my family traveled around Italy. Italy was amazing, my mom constantly had things planned for us to do and after an amazing, but tiring week it was nice to be able to relax on the cruise. The cruise we went on was amazing. It had a rock climbing wall, mini golf, swimming pools, hot tubs, and a soft serve ice cream station available 24/7. This time my sister and I took full advantage and unlike on the last cruise we got ice cream several times a day and probably gained a couple pounds eating all the other wonderful in addition. During the cruise we stopped at a couple different places including the Greek Isles and Turkey. By the end of the week we were fully relaxed and pleased with the best vacation ever. To this day, I think the cruise in a combination with Italy the week before was the best vacation I have ever experienced. This year my mom is hoping to convince my dad to another cruise in the Caribbean, and with luck hopefully it will surpass how great our last cruise was.

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