May 10, 2010
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One time my dad and I decided to go on a family trip. So we flew to Sacramento. While on the plane, my sister would not be quiet. At last we landed.

“This is where the fun begins!” I exclaimed. Then we went to my dad’s graduation because he was training over there in Sacramento.

“Let’s go to the hotel, change and then walk around Sacramento.” my dad suggested.

So we walked around, took pictures, and went to the capitol building. The next day we drove to San Francisco. It was a really long drive especially because I needed to go to the bathroom.
As soon as we got to San Francisco, I asked “Where’s the Golden Gate Bridge?”
Shortly after that my mom and dad showed me and answered “There it is.”
Not too soon we decided to go check in the hotel, but I had to go to the restroom. So, we got off the freeway and went from store to store asking, “Do you guys have restroom?”
They all said, “No, we don’t.”
Finally, I found a bathroom! Shortly after we checked into our hotel room and began to walk around different stores. We had taken so many pictures everywhere.
During all of this I kept bugging everyone on how I wanted to actually drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. My parents caved in and they took me across it. The bridge was huge, long, and red. Afterwards we drove back to our hotel. I had so much fun that day.
The next morning we had to leave, but there were still a couple more things we wanted to do. I remember declaring the whole time that I didn’t want to leave yet. Before we left to go back home we rode on the trolley cart. It was awesome. I got to ride it while standing. During the whole ride my mom kept nagging at me, “Narda, hold on tightly!”
My dad would laugh and respond, “Leave her alone, she’s fine.”
Finally, we rode to Times Square. I loved it because there where shops everywhere. I burst out, “Let’s go shopping!”
My mom immediately barked, “No!”
Afterwards, we got on the trolley car and rode past China Town. I really liked all the Chinese things. It was really cool and colorful there. Later that same day, we really wanted to go visit the island prison, Alcatraz. So, my dad bought tickets for the boat to the island. Once we got ashore, we went on the tour through the jail and learned how the prisoners were treated and how they lived day to day. It was petty cool.
After all that, we got back on the boat and drove back to our hotel. Unfortunately, our time was up and we had to come back home. We packed up all our suitcases, loaded up the car and drove all the way back home. That was a trip that I will never forget.
Overall, this entire trip made me realize that family is very important and that they will always be there for me.

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