The Mystical "Wizard Quest"

March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Are you a fan of adventure? Are you a fan of brainteasers and puzzles? Then Wizard Quest is the place for you! This interactive game is located next to Ripley’s Believe it or Not in the Wisconsin Dells. Wizard Quest is a fantasy world with in a regular old building. Once you step through the portal behind an overflowing bookshelf in the library you enter a brand new planet. The object of his mystifying game is to earn magical points called glimmers and use them to free the wizards of the four realms, which are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. You earn glimmers by answering questions on the creatures and elements of the realms. For example, a question might ask what a creature of nature is called when it becomes a wizard’s confidant, cohort, and friend. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a fantasy buff to know the answers. All the responses can be found hidden within secret rooms and winding mazes. Once you find the solutions, you return to Dragon Junction to discover if your answers are right. If your answers are correct, the points are awarded to you. If your answers are wrong, you are not penalized; you just have to find the correct response. In addition to the questions, glimmers can be earned by solving riddles and puzzles, or can be lost by falling into fairy rings or being caught by evil wizards. A huge reward of 100 glimmers is given to those who find the missing Lumacryst crystal in the Earth realm, but watch where you look because you could be caught by an angry troll. Those challenges are what make Wizard Quest so great.
Another enjoyable aspect of Wizard Quest is the beautiful set-up. All of the creatures and scenery are designed to perfection. Every little detail, from the smallest drop of water to the thinnest strand of hair, is included. It’s almost as if the mermaids and dragons are really alive. Every time I go – which is often – I expect the fairies to come to life and fly around. The beauty of the place adds to the wonderful experience.

The only drawback to Wizard Quest is the amount of people there. Unless you go on a school trip, there is usually at least eight to ten other groups of people there. Sometimes there are even more than that. It isn’t that the place is small, but most people like to hide their answers and discoveries from everyone else. That is very hard to do when crowds of people are in the same area as you. Hiding your answers is distracting; however, it is only a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of everything.

All in all, “Wizard Quest” is a wonderful interactive game and going there is a very entertaining experience. The gorgeous design of the place and excitement of the game adds to the experience. I would definitely recommend Wizard Quest to anyone who likes to have a good time and wants to escape into a whole different world. This place is amazing!

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