Outdoor Lab

March 15, 2010
By Anonymous

OELS, otherwise known as Outdoor Lab is an outdoor educational learning system that most kids in Jefferson County attend during grade school. Being 6th graders, Windy Peak and Mt. Evans are two OELS locations that can attend. You leave on Monday and don’t come back until Friday! Nothing but the wilderness, your friends, teachers, and you! Now this may sound really scary at first but its nothing like it seems. I went last year, and it was the highlight of my 6th grade year!

Before I departed to the school, I checked and double checked my suitcase to make sure I had everything I needed because I knew that if I were go forget something, I couldn’t come back. When I arrived at school that Monday morning, I was actually kind of nervous, but excited for what my week holds for me. After saying goodbye to my parents, I had an hour and 45 minute bus ride ahead of me. I mainly slept while sitting next to my friend Madison. When we arrived at my imagined torture camp, Mt. Evans, I began to feel a little sick. We were taken to our cabins where we would put our suitcases down and partially unpack. After lunch I felt a little better, happy to know I had gotten through one meal let alone I had 13 more to go.

After the first day of Outdoor Lab, I was perfectly fine! We went on hikes and learned about different tree. Every night we had a star gazing lesson, and observed objects in outer space. The food was good and the councilors were nice. Even though we were in the middle of the mountains somewhere, the people I was with made me feel right at home. Even though I was at school it was a lot of fun! Even better than the normal Governor’s Ranch learning!

When Friday morning came I was honestly sad to leave because I was having such a good time all caught up in the excitement. Therefore, I would recommend the experience of OELS to anyone! Although I was scared at first, it gets better as you go, and I wish I could go back. Maybe as a high school leader but for now all I can say is that Outdoor Lab was the highlight of my 6th grade year!

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