Beauty: A Travel Piece

March 3, 2010
By TheMystery13 SILVER, Lake Jackson, Texas
TheMystery13 SILVER, Lake Jackson, Texas
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“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” -Audrey Hepburn

Florida’s beauty shines through the sky, through the water, through the people. Everyone seems happy, making you feel happy, creating a happiness-forever fever.

The lightest turquoise option in a can of paint swirls in the ocean to make the most unique shade, beckoning tourists from afar. The pale sand attempts to blind you when the sun refracts off of its smooth ripples.

The trees barely sway in the breeze and they give off the impression of being fake, but they marvel every person that questions their reality.

The tropical look and feel can create your own little paradise if you give it the chance.
Don’t Get Horizontal
The amazing horizon is such a wonderful blend of earth and sky. The light purples fade into bright pinks, reminding me of a little girl’s room. Out of nowhere, a bland blue is struck with the faintest color of yellow, branching out into the cloudless skies with white lines. The sun sits happily in its own predestined spot, looking down at the thousands of teenagers and tourists admiring Panama City Beach. The need to be a leech of technology is easily erased from your mind here.
Let’s Get Physical
So much activity is generated from this single stretch of land. The vast, never-ending sandy view exceeds my vision. Never bored, people who join in the numerous physical activities provided here are more than happy. From parasailing over the clear, emerald ocean to jet skiing through the choppy waves, tourists and even people originated from here enjoy the selection of fun, family-bonding opportunities. My friends and I love the great picturesque quality the beach holds.
Friends Forever
My peers gather around me as I extend my arm to capture the moment. Bayley, with her hair like flames, sidles up next to me and forces a smile. Her albino skin covered with tan cheetah spots stands out among the darkness of my effortless tan. Jeni is protecting her eyes from the normal UV rays of the Panama weather. On a good day it’s up to a middle ninety. Among the throng of teenagers surrounding us, her tie-dye shirt blends in naturally, making her feel welcome to her first trip in Florida. Ben runs at us down the steep sand built up, wearing my failed attempt at a tie-dye shirt. To his bad fortune, it’s mostly pink and he won’t let me live that down. Everyone is ready. Now we all wait for the single click.
Let it burn
Your skin bakes like toast, easily spread with butter. That butter being sunscreen. If you’re smart, you’ll think twice before going out into the oven-like day without anything coating your dry skin. The serene liquid helps soothe my skin that was previously being attacked by the sun’s rays. My tan creeps to a darker shade without me knowing, surprising me every time I glance down.
The lighting surrounding me dims. The air becomes cooler, as it does many nights here. The lack of humidity surprises most people, even though some have been here more than once. One thing is for sure: Panama City Beach is the place to be.

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