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March 2, 2010
By rainlover1994 SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
rainlover1994 SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
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Imagine a country in which people agree with everything government officials do and say. If we all blindly accepted and supported decisions made by our government simply because of their position, would we be seen as patriotic? Patriotism isn’t a feeling of false confidence gained from ignorance and a closed mind. Patriotism is remaining as one with fellow citizens, having the motivation to fix problems instead of just complaining about them, and reaching out to those we notice are in need. Being patriotic is like being a good friend. When you notice your friend is dealing with some issues, instead of giving up hope and running away, you help your friend by working with them to eliminate their issue.

Abe Lincoln once said, “A house divided cannot stand”. If we are too busy arguing amongst ourselves instead of working towards a common goal, eventually these inner weaknesses will contribute to a collapse. This downfall of society is demonstrated in a story called “Things Fall Apart”. When the Christian missionaries arrived in Umofia, the Umofians were divided on how to react to the rejection of their customs and the introduction of the new Christian ones. The constant bickering only caused Umofia as a whole to become weaker and therefore easier to shatter. If the Umofians had been able to remain together, a successful takeover from the Christian missionaries would have been more arduous, if not impossible. Everybody needs a support group.

While trying to decide which goals should be reached first as a group, issues will possibly arise. We all have known of the person who constantly nags, complains, and usually is also the last one to actually do something. The truth is, complaining gets you nowhere. If you want something to be accomplished you should be prepared to be the one to do something about it. Susan B. Anthony once noticed the unfairness of not allowing women to vote. But instead of getting depressed over this fact she took action and spread her idea of equality. Sure enough, she helped women in the United States earn their voice in deciding who led their country. Anthony was a person who was patriotic enough to actually solve a problem she saw in her country, reaching out to the hearts of women everywhere.

It is nearly impossible to go about your day without noticing a person who may need a hand. If one truly cares about their country’s well being, they won’t turn a blind eye to all these people. A patriot would make the effort to help. When taking on a goal as large as helping humanity, we tend to get overwhelmed. But, we must keep in mind that big things are accomplished by the combination of many little ones. A simple act of kindness, no matter how seemingly small, can lead to a domino effect. We may never have the pleasure to see all that occurs because of an act of kindness, but it is certain that it will have some result. Any one can make a difference.

Being a patriotic person isn’t a title easily earned by fling a flag in front of your house. In order to show patriotism citizens must remain undivided, have inner motivation to fix what they notice is wrong, and be able to provide ways out to those who need it. Real patriots are the people the country can trust to support them like true friends.

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This was actually a school assignment.

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