Stepping on Lava

February 8, 2010
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“Mom please we need to get out of this brown intoxicating lake, we need to see the ocean, please mom.” I begged, my mother was very stubborn when talking about going to a new place, but my father was different he loves seeing new places, hiking, biking, driving, flying, doesn’t matter how he does it he loves how much fun it is. My goal of begging to my mother and father was an extremely hard goal to fulfill. As the months went on and the begging became more annoying they gave in, we were going to go see an ocean.

After we packed up our bags and hopped on the Boeing 767 American Airlines jet, we where on our way for a 10 hour flight non-stop to Hawaii. The moment the pilot said we were within 10 minutes until landing my heart started racing fast wondering what the beautiful island of Hawaii must be like. Within 5 minutes, I saw the first glimpse of land, it was all green and there was a big volcano, although it did not look like it was erupting at all or at least not, what I thought was lava since of the poor quality pictures geologist send to high school textbooks. Once we landed I was the first one out of my seat and started sprinting like the pro’s at the Olympics although the flight attendants didn’t like me running through the isles I tried my best to be the first one out the door and seeing the voluptuous landscape. I got half way there then I found my way into trouble! I was sent to the ‘back of the line’ to leave the plane, that made me realize never try to be the first for anything unless your willing to pay the time.

As we left the big island airport in Hawaii, we had three main objectives in our mind to complete. One of them was to go up and hike on the massive volcano here on the big island of Hawaii. As we arrived to the hotel at around 6:30 Central time we were exhausted from the jet lag. We had to rest up for the big day tomorrow. Once we got up and finished eating our scrumptious egg and cheese omelet, we knew we were going to go hiking for the entire day! My dad and I were very anxious to see the gory lava of the volcano. Yet on the other hand, my sister and my mother were freaking out about going hiking at night to see lava by a cliff and no guides, just a 3-year-old gps that’s over a year out dated. We had to waste most of our day at the hotel so we could see the lava that night. My sister and I spent almost the whole time by the ocean boogie boarding, Snorkeling, Sea shell finding, all and all it was a great time but I just couldn’t wait to see that gory lava my father told me so much about. Once it was around 4:30 Hawaiian time we headed for the starting point of the hike. The minute we stepped out of the car, I was ready to just start sprinting to find the gory lava! Yet my father said we needed a map just incase his old gps did not work as he thought it would.

We were finally ready for the longest hike and the darkest hike he has been hiking on. It was 5 mile out there and 5 miles back just to see lava a total of 10 miles. After we were, about 4 and half miles away from were the magma transformed into lava we started to feel the red-hot lava heating up the ground. Finally, we saw the first glimpse of the lava and we found a great rock to sit on and enjoy our nutty snickers. Once we finished our snickers, we headed over by lava and took pictures of us ‘stepping on lava’. Once we were done, we headed back to the car.

“Mom please can we stay for another week?” I begged, as I knew the time was short for our time in Hawaii. “No but I promise you can spend the rest of the time in Hawaii by the beach having fun.” My mother explained to me. I knew this might have been the last time I would see Hawaii for a long time so I decided to make the best of it. Therefore, I spent the rest of the day on the beach relaxing in the red-hot sun listening to the wave’s crash against the sand.

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