Sunset in Paradise

February 8, 2010
By mrneumann5000 BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
mrneumann5000 BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
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“I can’t believe we’re finally here!” I told my mom as the plane landed on the airport runway heated by the hot Mexico sun. After we stepped off the cramped, hot, tiny plane, I looked out the large airport window at all the strange colors of the exotic vegetation. As I peered out that window, I caught my first glimpse of paradise.
After waiting for what seemed to be forever in crowed, noisy airport security, baggage, and car rental lines, finally we were on the road. Looking out the window, I saw a lot of wildlife that I would not back in the US. The drive was long, but fun, seeing a lot of a different country. Finally, we arrived at our resort. At first glance, it looked like a palace, huge, decorative, surrounded by palm trees. In person, the resort looked even better than the pictures I had seen, and even those made it shine with excellence. From the luxurious statues to the decadent artistry of the building, I had begun to believe that the residence was inhabited the building.
As we entered the building, the elegance of the resort amazed me. Everything seemed so perfect. As we checked in, a tall man who offered us beverages greeted us. I felt as if I was royalty, to stay in such a palace. Employees surrounded me, catering to my every request. Upon closer inspection on the building I saw the translucent glass doors leading out to the rooms, and on either side of the pathway a man-made jungle surrounds visitors with exotic plant and animal life, and a room to my right was a 24 hour all you can eat buffet filled with delicacies from a variety of countries. After my mom finished checking in, we walked to our room. The trees and bushes that surrounded the walkway gave the illusion that we were in a rainforest. Exploring the hotel room, I immediately looked out the window to see how beautiful our view was. We must have stayed at the room with the best view, and as I looked out, I saw the falling sunset overlooking the beautiful ocean water that splashed onto the shiny beach. The room itself looked plain, two beds, a television, some dressers, a bathroom, and a refrigerator that house cleaners restocked twice a day. The bed was simple, but luxurious, just like the rest of the furniture, and the carpet was a maroon red color with a decorative pattern.
The resort over looked a beautiful beach. As the dark blue waves splashed onto the glistening sand of the beach, I saw Crowds of people surrounded me, surfers, swimmers and boaters, as well as people tanning, playing Frisbee, jogging, and other fun activities. The sun beat down on the beach like an oven, baking everyone there to a crisp golden brown. The water was the perfect temperature, and heated by the hot sun warmed it. The calm waves splashed over me as waded deeper into the water. Fish swam around me as I floated into deeper ocean. Although the water stung my eyes, the cool ocean relaxed my body.
As we stepped back into that crowded Mexico airport, I felt sad we were leaving, but happy that I had such a good time. Recalling my memories of my recent adventures in Mexico, I was glad that Mexico was an exciting and fun filled experience. As my mom and I boarded the plane, I turned to her and whispered, “Thanks. I had a really great time.”

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