Trip To Miami

February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

New Experience are important to me because if I never had other experiments then I would feel like a boring kid. People learn new things from new experiences such as different cultures, new sites. My favorite experience esd going to Miami. I always wanted to go to Miami. I don’t remember but I think on one of my birthdays I said ah wish about going to Miami J

I Believe in new experiences. I always have. It was 1:3Opm. Me, My Baby Cousin And My Mother was in the kitchen. She was wearing my aunts sponge bob pajamas and I was wearing basketball shorts without ah shirt, I mean it was hot and I always walk around my house just with basketball shorts. All you could hear is the tv on, cars passing by, and fresh air from outside, it was summer. I was only 13 years old, I went last summer of 2OO9. My mother told me about the trip to Miami. I was so excited. I was like FORREAL ?! I went to my room and started packing. My mom said just culm down, we still got like 2 weeks here in boston. Im like yea but still... .It was my first time packing to go somewhere else other then Puerto Rico or Dominican republic.

Once I got over there it was like OMG! This is hot! The wind was like somebody else blowing in your face, I meaning it was fresh air. It was so hot it felt like being in an oven, but the bad thing is we got there at like 10 at night. It was pretty dark but you can see a lot lights, seeing palm trees, a lot of taxis picking up people. We took a taxi to out hotel in Miami, Days Inn Hotel. Once we got to the hotel, I went to the room, changed into my basketball shorts. The pool and Jacuzzi was open 24 hours so my brother and me went to the pool for like 1O minutes and then went to the Jacuzzi for 1O minutes. After the Jacuzzi my brother and I went to the beach. It was really dark. We kept seeing lightning far away. There was A LOT of girls in bikinis. J my brother and I started talking to them and we made new friends. So we kinda got a little scared because it was so dark, it felt like you was closing your eyes. Went up stairs and to sleep we went.

Before this trip I wouldn’t think id open my mind in this way but after the trip I will always remember my experience for this. I believe in new experiences.

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