first time in a plane

February 3, 2010
By joel jones BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
joel jones BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
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First time in a plane

New experiences are important to me in life because I could experience them again in life and I could learn new information about that new experience. One experience I remember is my 5th year birthday.

In the year of 2004 it was the first time I got in a plane. I was 8 years old. The plane was big and wide. The seats were comfortable, they were blue. I got to sit in the window seat. It was because I was scare and my dad was siting next to me and he would just make jokes to make me laugh for I could just get my scare away. I was glad to have him next to me. But the jokes didn’t work because when it was time to land, the plane had trouble. The wheels didn’t want to come out, so we had to go all the way up again for half an hour for the pilot could take them out.

The landing was scary like if I was in a haunted house. The plane didn’t even move it was stoped like a rock. So when I look out the window I saw two fire trucks, two ambulances, and a tow truck to tow the plane to the gate. I felt safe next my dad because he would just hug me and just telling me not to panic. All I did was pray to God not to let me down when I most needed him. Everyone was scare. So were my mom and sister. My hands were sweaty. That day I just wanted to get home safe. I felt scare my body was shaking.

From my first time in a plane I experience that doing new things are scary but always try it because you never know if it could be fun. When I got off the plane I was so happy because I didn’t have no broken bones or nothing I was fine thanks god. From this new experience I learned how important my dad is to me. This is what I believe in.

The author's comments:
this article is mainly about my first time in a plane it was scary

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