My trip to Dominican Republic

February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I Believe in Cultural experiences. Cultural experiences are very important to me because I experience new things like what they eat and do for fun a example of what they eat is platano con salami short terms pcs which is very good they dance to Aventura which is a music group that sing’s. When I was in Dominican Republic I was 9 years old. I haven’t seen or done before like what Dominican people doing as I went to Dominican Republic for my first time. I was
Very nervous as I saw my Family there standing on the red carpet which was red I haven’t seen them in a long time so of course I was going to have many emotions happiness crying joy. I had chills I was also shaking lot but any word you can get to describe happiness joy and every thing
What I felt right now.

I enjoyed the weather and every thing meaning dancing eating talking to my family all those things I experience. The Caribbean island had to offer me. It the weather felt like I was living in a volcano because it was very hot the climate in Dominican Republic was very similar to Florida. The streets in some parts were cracked like almost down to the crust or it looked like an earth quake. The streets were that bad so we drove in a different direction to get to my grandmothers House most of the city the economy looked worst and worst then what it looked like here.

It was like nobody wanted to help that country because of the way they acted or lived or who knows. I felt bad as I pasted by the houses with there roofs thought the houses and the door’s damaged the wood was falling out the houses and the paint coming off. Living life in Dominican republic was like getting electrified .I wished that the president’s would do something about how it was over there because if they didn’t people would not survive over there they will suffer and have a very hard life like many country around like Africa.

I had so many emotions going through me. I had many experiences in my life, but this one was different it changed my life. The family made me so happy about how they got along and we were all the family in Dominican Republic together I was very grateful for that and to have every family member there but then it was sad because in the past some of my family member died pasted away. I had some family members that passed away and also even thought my life was better then what it looked there than what it was like in Dominican Republic.

I experience many things. Dominican Republic. I take this to my heart it taught me the family values and what to be grate full for because even thought life is hard family is very in important and always there when I need help I have every thing to be when I left. The sky the sunset was pink and purple the sky it was a moment. I never forget it was very beautiful cultural experience for me will remember. This to be as one in a life time experience my life this I believe.

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