the cayman islands

January 25, 2010

“Yes, it is finally here.” I yelled as I got out of bed. My family and I left for the Cayman Islands on July 6th 2009. I was so excited that we were going back. As I was getting in the car, I was already thinking about what I was going to do while I was there. The ride to the airport was about thirty minutes. We were flying out of Intercontinental Airport. When we got to the airport, there was not that many people there probably because it was a Monday. When we walked inside, we headed straight to get our tickets for the plane. We found out that we were in the very back of the plane. We then walked through security, which was kind of crowded. We headed over to the Presidents Club to grab a bite to eat. It was extremely crowded so there were no comfortable seats. We had to sit at a table with uncomfortable seats. As soon as we sat down, I immediately got out my laptop and began surfing the Web.

After we were at the Presidents Club and ate a bite we headed to our gate. We did find some seats at our gate, but they were by the people mover. They then called for our plane to board. We were sitting in the last row of the plane, which I did not like. It almost felt as if we were sitting on the tail. When I sat down, I looked out the window and I saw many planes. Then after about fifteen minutes, we started backing out of the gate. I was already getting excited even before we were off the ground. We then started taxiing toward our runway. It was not that crowded on the runway so as soon as we made the turn, we took off, and roared up into the sky. When we were going through the clouds, it was like I was going through a field of gigantic cotton swabs. Then after about thirty minutes, the flight attendant came on and said that we could use our electronic devices. I immediately pulled out my laptop and began playing video games.
The plane ride to the Cayman Islands was about two hours and fifteen minutes. When we started to descend, I saw the crystal clear blue water, which was really the color of turquoise. When we got really low, I could see all the way to the bottom of the water and even the sand because it was so clear. After we landed and pulled up on the runway, a truck came along with stairs because there was no gate. It actually turned out to be awesome that we were in the back because we got to go out first at the back of the plane, and go down the stairs. When I stepped outside, I breathed in the Caribbean air and felt its warmth. I was happy that I was finally in the Cayman Islands again. We then walked to customs and were the first people to go through. We then went to go get our luggage.

After we got our luggage, we headed to Avis to rent a car. The car that we had was a Honda Accord. It was cool because the steering wheel was on the right. I reminded my Dad that you drive on the left. So we put our entire luggage in and we headed to our hotel. It was weird because we were driving on the left and the cars were coming almost straight at us. “I am so exited to see our hotel,” I said as we were driving. The ride there was about fifteen minutes long. When we got to our condo, I helped my dad carry the luggage to our condo room, which was up on the third floor. I was picturing in my mind what the condo room would look like. When my dad opened the door, my mouth dropped wide open. It was so beautiful. It was set up like a Japanese house. It had wooden chairs around the dinning table, and the bar chairs were really high up. I had a queen sized bed and a flat screen television in my room. The living room had a big flat screen television. The balcony had a glass table with chairs. It also had an insect net so no insects would get in. I walked outside on the balcony and I saw a lot of people walking along the beach and people in the water. There were also a lot of people in the pool. I did not have time to go in the pool because it was getting too dark. My dad went to the store and I watched some television. We then went to eat dinner. After we finished eating dinner, we went back to our condo. I was wiped out from the plane ride. I watched some television and played video games on my laptop. I then went to bed I got up the next morning at 11:00 A.M. and I went to get my breakfast. While I was eating breakfast, I heard what seemed to be voices yelling and screaming. Kids were playing baseball on the beach. I immediately finished my breakfast and went down to introduce myself. I walked up to them and I said, “My name is Travis.” We talked for about ten minutes, and then they asked if I wanted to play baseball with them. I, of course said yes, and then we started playing. Then one of the fathers came and I introduced myself to him. We then started a real baseball game. He was our pitcher. We played baseball for about thirty minutes until we were sweating up a storm so we went and jumped into the pool. I showed the kids some water tricks. After swimming for a little while , we decided to play a real tournament baseball game. We had an even number of players. My team won

The next day, the families had to leave to go back to Collage Station. That day was kind of lonely but later I did find some other kids that I played with that evening. I also showed my tricks to them. The next day, my family and I went to Stingray City. We drove to Red Sail Sports to get our tickets to get on the boat. When we got our tickets, I walked outside and saw the sailboat. It was huge and really long. It had two Honda motors on the back. After everybody was on, the captain started the motors and moved the boat away from the dock. Because the boat was so long, it took a long time for the boat to get completely out of the channel. We then started heading to Stingray City once we were in the North Sound the water was pretty rough. Even with the motors going, the boat was still rocking. Then they put up the sails. They were very big and very tall. The boat ride was about thirty minutes.
We finally got to Sting Ray city. There were a lot of boats of boats and peple there. It was like the boats were on top of each other. The guy told us how to pet the stingray and how to hold it. We all got in the water. The water was only two feet deep because it was a sand bar. There were a lot of stingrays there. They were crawling all over you and would come up to you. When I went to hold a stingray, it thought my pinkie finger was food so it sucked it. That scared me so I got out of the water right before everybody else did. Stingray City, we headed to Rum Point. The ride there was about thirty minutes. When we arrived, my dad went to go get a Jet Ski time. I was very excited that I was about to drive my own Jet Ski. I had never driven one before. The guy that helped us with our Jet Skies and I got to drive my own for the first time. When we got out to the North Sound, there were other Jet Skiers that were going really fast. They were going at least 50 MPH. We were only able to ride for about thirty minutes. After our Jet Ski ride, we had lunch. The lunch place was like a Caribbean outback. We sat on park benches. After that, we got back on the boat and we headed back to the dock. About half way, the captain let me drive the boat. The boat was really hard to handle and the steering wheel was really big. When we arrived at the dock, I was sad that it was over.

When we got back to our hotel, I was exhausted. The kids were so happy that I was back and wondered where I had been. We then played in the pool and after the day had ended, I was very tired. The last day that we were there was very interesting. My Dad told me that we were taking a family that was also from Houston. We were going to take them shopping but we were actually taking them on a pirate ship. When we arrived at the harbor they still thought that we were taking them shopping but were surprised and happy that we were taking them on a pirate ship. When we left the dock, we headed around a cruise ship and we fired cannons at it. The people on the balcony of the ship ducked their heads because they thought we fired something at them. When we got out, we had to scrub the deck. For the last part of the trip, we anchored near the shore and we swam in the water. We could see to the bottom of the water, and it was so beautiful. There were lots of different colors.

After the day ended, I was sad that we were leaving the Cayman Islands the next day. The last day was not that much fun because I wanted to stay. We went out to the airport, waited around, and finally got on the plane. We got back to Houston around 6:00 P.M. This was the greatest vacation of my life.

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