Toro! MAG

By Samantha R., Wyckoff, NJ

     The trumpets sounded majestically as we found our cramped seats. The arena was packed, body next to body, like cattle.

Then the black creature entered the ring. He peered up at the sun and it seemed as though he couldn’t remember it being so bright. The cape-bearing hero emerged from the ring’s other end. Immediately, there was a roar of applause from the cattle around me. Next, the hero’s minions entered - not as important, but still part of the show. And then the battle began.

The minions started toward the animal, teasingly. After all, this was just the first act. They taunted and hopped around, colorful capes spread to the sides of their bodies. The animal charged at the cloth in front of its face and the audience again roared, pleased at the beast’s confusion. Then another charge, the hero’s cohorts always managing a last-minute escape.

Then entered a knight atop a blind-folded horse, his spear held aloft for all to see. More applause. The creature charged at the blind horse. At the same time, the rider took a jab, sparking the loudest applause yet. Oh, how the crimson poured down his black side! Then, more stabs, to see which way the bleeding beast preferred to turn. The knight exited.

Now came the second act. The hero returned to the center of the ring with two short, colorful spears. The bleeding animal met the eyes of the man and charged - then stopped when the festive knives were stuck into his skin. Why wouldn’t they come out? And then more were added to his back, again and again, until he was as festive as a pinata. His movements were slowed, his breathing heavy. Then, the finale.

The hero emerged with his bright cape held out with his sword. The exhausted beast charged and charged, getting more tired each time. Then, the fateful moment. The blade emerged from the cape and dove through the animal’s body. After a few more taunts from the minions, the beast fell and cheers filled the arena. They brushed away the bloodstained sand as I brushed away my tears.

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