My Time at Destine

January 11, 2010
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At the end of July, I went to Destin, Florida. It was a long car ride, but when we got to the white sand and clear water beaches, I realized it was worth it. A week at the beach sounded fun, but could I survive without the fast pace technology that made Houston so exciting? My parents made it clear that this would be a “back to nature” beach vacation.
Right when we got to our condo I was persuaded by my brother’s pleas to join him out side to throw the Frisbee. “Lets go throw the Frisbee on the beach, Nick,” he would say. I had nothing else to do, so we went on to the beach and started passing it back and forth. The sand would literally stick to your skin, wet or not. As I would dive for the Frisbee I could hear the whiz of it go by as my body hit the ground with a “Plomp”. Most of the time I tried NOT to dive so that I wouldn’t look like a “Sand Monster”. Of course, I didn’t mind rinsing it off…in the clear, cool ocean.
One of the most amazing things about being on the beach is how our footprints looked after we walked in the sand. Sometimes Zack would yell, “Go long, Nick!” And I would run way down the shore. Struggling with each step, as my feet would sink into the soft, deep sand. As I looked back to catch the Frisbee, I couldn’t help but notice my perfect footprints that I had left behind. I could see my whole foot, toes and all. “Hey, Zack”, I yelled. “Come check this out.” Zack came running to me. “Look at our footprints.” We stood in our footprints and had fun sinking into the sand and being knocked over by the water. Ha, who knew that footprints in the sand could be so much fun! It didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t need all of the electronics to have fun; I just needed the sand and water… and maybe a Frisbee or two!

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