The Mists of Time MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Beyond themists of time
That seethe and froth
With thethickness of centuries
And the addition of everypassing second,
Stands the cold mossy dampstone
Of a castle
Wearing against the erosion oftime,
Holding fast to its earthy foundation
Yetsoaring higher still through thinning air,
And in thisclearest of air
No pennants fly from itsramparts,
For it is better to have no flag
Thanone that flies in tatters.
And from this height eachpassing second falls
Spent in idleness,

A rainthat collects
In pools upon the dampearth
Reflecting the mist as it swirls
With thehistory that makes life.
And beyond this encompassingmoat,
Within the castle,
No inhabitantsroam
For no mere man can outlive the
Passing ofcenturies
Unwavering in their passing on
Foreveras our bell tolls patiently
To its movement
Asmist envelops us
Its moisture collecting
On ourcold cheeks.

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By Tim T., Lancaster, OH
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