Where Am I From? MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I'm from the scattered islands
Of Greece.
Thewhitest beaches,
And the bluest water.
I'm from the quaint villages
Pasta loving, lazy loving
And just love loving.

I'm from asmall town
Outside of Buffalo, New York,
And the even smaller town
OfCliff Side Park, New Jersey.
I'm from the women's college
Up thehill
And the men's college
Down the road.

I'm from the small sandybeaches
Of Morehead City, North Carolina.
With its unproportionedwaves
Crashing to the shore,
And its salty fingertips
Reaching overscuttling crabs.

I'm from the corner
Of Clinton, Tennessee,
Racingup the long gravel driveway
To meet up with the neighborhood kids,
Ready togo on adventures
In the backyard
And sell lemonade
In thefront.

I'm from the Atomic City
Of Oak Ridge.
Sound big? It'snot.
We just built the bomb.
I'm from a small Catholic school
That noone understands

Not even me.
I'm from the big High School
A far cryfrom my former school,
But still
One of the best.
I'm from the highestpoint
On the far West end.
Down the windy roads
And dizzyinghills.

I'm from wherever
My roots spread;
Wherever I've beentaken
And wherever I'll go.

White Water Rafting by Sarah P., Lancaster, PA

The Ignorance of a Child by Caroline J., Rockport, MA

Excursion by Alicia F., Homestead, FL


By Lacey G., Phoenix, AZ

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