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   No one likes waiting in line. But as we waited, Icouldn't help but get excited; I was having so much fun on our trip toWashington, D.C. and New York City. We had seen all the sights in D.C., and inNew York we would eat at an Italian restaurant, take a harbor cruise around theStatue of Liberty, and see "The Phantom of the Opera." I couldn't wait.As we crowded into the elevator, everyone was wondering how much longer it wouldbe before we got to the top, so they started timing the ride. As soon as theelevator stopped, I hurried off and walked right to the window. I knew the WorldTrade Center Tower was high; I just hadn't know how high.

The view wasincredible. The cars were like ants. You usually say that people look like ants,but from that height the cars did. I couldn't even see people. I could see otherbuildings, but they weren't nearly as high. In fact, we were looking down onroofs. I got my first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty; it looked two inchestall. There were boats in the harbor and cars everywhere on the streets. Iwandered around, looking out the windows. Everywhere I looked, there wassomething amazing to see.

Many people were riding the escalator to theroof, so I decided to go up. Even though it was only one flight higher, it waseven more incredible. I could feel the wind blowing lightly, and just before wehad to leave, it started to rain. I didn't want to leave the view. I had neverbeen anywhere like that, or as high, and I figured I probably never would beagain.

I was surprised when some people were afraid to look out thewindows. They had no idea what they were missing. As we filed into the elevatorto leave, all my friends said how much they enjoyed the view. That was one of thebest things we did on the trip.

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