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   Have you ever wondered what the perfect place to visitwould be if you had the chance? Well, let me tell you: a paradise of wonderawaits on the small island of Jamaica. Although it's not as small as it seems(which is a good thing), it is the perfect place to go. When I went, I had thegreatest time of my life. The Jamaicans are very nice people with a cool accent.My friends haven't stopped listening to Jamaican music since they first heard it.

Everything about Jamaica is just perfect. There are so many places to goand things to do. There are white sandy beaches and the ocean is so crystal clearthat you can see everything from coral to colorful fish; the snorkeling is great.Another great aspect is all the fresh fruit, and how much better it tastes. Somepeople there carry things around on their heads in a very unique way: they wrapcloth around their heads and then place the object on top and position it so itstays balanced. It's amazing!

One of my favorite things about Jamaicais the sugar cane because it is pure sugar. One of the most interesting things Ihave ever seen were the Glistening Waters. The name describes exactly what it is:one of a few lakes in the world that allows a rare organism to live in it. Haveyou ever wondered about fireflies and why they have a green glow? Well, when youtouch this water, it glows bright green exactly like a firefly, except there aremillions of these organisms that are so small you can't feel them. We got to swimthere in the dark, which was really amazing.

Another fun thing wasclimbing Dunn's River Falls, a huge waterfall. Another cool thing was the lizardsthat climb up the walls of buildings. Go ahead and try to catch them, because,believe me, they will make you mad at how smart and fast they are.

Thereare just so many great and interesting places to explore in Jamaica. Other thingsinclude swinging on vines into lakes, sensitive grass that closes when it feelsyour touch, and even exploring bat caves that have warm water you can swim in.

As you might guess, Jamaica is one of the most wonderful places, and Ithink you should make plans to go there soon. One more thing - don't forget todrive on the other side of the road.

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Jamaica is definitely a natural beauty.
You should visit again..Lots more of new adventures await you! ATVs, Zip lining snorkling, swimming with dolphins, horse back riding, jet skiing ad infinitum

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