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Things seem as though they happened yesterday.
Like 40years have not come and gone.

I could still see myself,
a little girlon a Caribbean island.
Loved by both parents,
my father, the sailor; mymother, the house.
They loved their land, their home.
We didn't want toleave.

I close my eyes and appears this place.
The scent of freshisland mango,
growing wild in its orchard.
The sweetness of a delectablefruit,
given for trade.

Home to me was not that of the
green-hilledisland but
that of the blue sparkling water
that surrounded it.

Forhours, I could stand with my feet
buried into the depths of the delicatesand.
The scent of the fresh crisped air,
birthed from themid-Atlantic
blown by the spicy winds of the Mediterranean Sea.

Blueand yellow, neon green and blue fish,
speckled with black dots swimbusily.
While dark-skinned boys, shoeless,
holler frustratedly over agame.

My favorite rock, Odes taken
by two young Americans hand inhand.
Their shoes embedded in the shore
where they left them.

Thesoothing call of the water beckons me,
as though we are sisters separated atbirth
sharing the same soul.

I could taste the salty air,
and seethe beautiful sea gulls flying
over the vast ocean, looking fordinner.

The light sound of bare feet
touching the golden sand, headingtoward me.
Rough but gentle hands grasp my tiny new-to-the-
world hands andbegin to walk with me.

Pounding of my heart grew louder witheach
moment and the beauty that surrounds me
is no more.

I couldsee myself,
a little girl with pink ribbons dangling
from two pigtails,wearing a brand-new
pink and lavender sundress.

Jumping on her father'sshoulders and
playing in the blanketing sand entwined with laughter.
As mymother looks on toward the
Jamaican sunset.

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By Brian W., Marblehead, MA

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This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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