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   Whenasked where I would like to go if I could leave my hometown, I was overcome withideas. The thought of visiting Spain or another Spanish-speaking countryintrigued me since I intend to study the language in college. A romantic fling inParis sounded good, too, considering most males here seem to lack romance. Even atrip to Disney World sounded fun. The more I thought about it, though, the less Iwanted to leave home.

I'm a senior who has barely left her home state, butI've decided that that really doesn't bother me. The booming city of Cleveland,Ohio has managed to entertain me enough to keep me out of trouble for 17 years.

Although it was once considered a joke when compared with Chicago,Dallas, New York and Los Angeles, Cleveland is coming into its own. With sportsteams that are performing well, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The GreatLakes Science Center downtown, more tourists have found their way here just asI'm finding that I don't want to leave.

Since the 1994 exhibition of theGateway Stadium (now renamed Jacobs Field), Clevelanders have found themselvesindulging in hometown sports once again. After years of playing poorly, Clevelandbaseball is more popular than ever and Clevelanders, among others, support asix-time play-off team. Also, Clevelanders are excited to be a football townagain. With the building of the new Cleveland Browns Stadium, more and morepeople are visiting the city to support the team.

Cleveland has much moreto offer than just sports teams, though. Because music is the universal language,the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will likely entertain even the harshestcritic. The astounding structure has five floors of artifacts and collector'sitems from more than 60 decades of music. Besides being a touring museum, theRock Hall also hosts concerts and annually inducts members. The Rock and RollHall of Fame and Museum is a must-see for visitors.

Next door to themuseum is the Great Lakes Science Center. Although educational, the sciencecenter has become an extremely popular attraction for both young and old becauseof its unique ways of presenting science. The huge building is full of exhibitsand examples of how science can be exciting. There is always something going onhere. It also features a state-of-the-art, surround-sound OmniMax theater.Although some may find science boring, the Great Lakes Science Center has changedmany minds and becomes even more popular with each visit.

Cleveland, Ohiohas so much more to offer, but just these three things have managed to keep mehere. From sports to music to learning, Cleveland is gaining popularity. Onewould think that after living in the same place for 17 years, life might lose itsflair. For this girl, however, life becomes more exciting daily. Although I don'twant to leave my hometown, maybe you should consider leaving yours. Even if onlyfor a short time, I guarantee Cleveland will amaze you.

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