Fantasy and Reality of Las Vegas MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Imaginea land with a multitude of cultures and landmarks in one place ... this is LasVegas these days. Every major casino on "The Strip" has a unique theme,and even though I'm too young to gamble, I still had a great time. There arereplicas of New York City, Venice, the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids, ancient Romeand much more.

For three days, I felt as though I were living in luxury.Las Vegas is the ultimate expression of capitalism. Each casino tries toout-build the others to attract people, though the purpose of each is thesame.

Even though this city is completely unreal, I still marvel at it.Watching the water show at The Bellagio makes you feel as though you are in abeautiful Italian city, while you're really in the middle of a desert. If youfeel like being in Venice, there are gondola rides on a canal at The Venetian.

All the people and fantasy there can make you forget where you reallyare. There are free shows everywhere to lure in passersby. Treasure Island, forexample, features a battle between a pirate ship and a British naval ship, withcannons firing and fire on the deck. The show ends with the British shipsinking.

After three days, however, one begins to tire of Las Vegas.The city comes alive at night, but during the day it is depressing as people aremesmerized by its slot machines. You realize the people are trying to escapereality and simultaneously losing their money in casinos by trying to reach thatfantasy life. The ambience of the city wears off pretty quickly, but remember,the only place you can walk from New York to Paris in five minutes is Las Vegas.

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