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   Refreshingwater every shade of blue. Coral reefs filled with fish of every shape, size andcolor. Palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze and offering a moment of shelterfrom the sun. Iguanas scattering from bushes as people hurry by. The sandsquishing between toes with every step. Some say it is a paradise dreamland. Iknow it as St. Thomas.

Not many places offer a picturesque view as well asa wonderful climate, and that's what makes this island a unique place. It is hotand sunny almost all year round, but the heat isn't overwhelming because of theconstant breeze. The air is not heavy and humid like some Caribbean islands,making the climate very enjoyable.

I love St. Thomas not only for its viewand climate but also for its activities. I love sitting in the sun sipping on afruity drink. When the sun is too much I take a refreshing dip in thecrystal-clear water. If I want more, I can slip on my mask, snorkel and flippersand head to the coral reefs right from the beach. Many coral reefs are located incoves right off the beaches so I didn't have to take a boat to go snorkeling. Ilove watching the colorful fish, they're amazing. After dinner, when the sun hasset, I walk the white beaches and feel the sand in my toes. It is so peaceful tostand with my feet barely in the water and listen to the waves crash along theshore - a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Aside from the beach, St.Thomas has other great sights. There are some lovely churches, and many spotswith interesting histories. My favorite activity, however, is shopping. There aremany shopping strips in St. Thomas, and I found everything from jewelry toperfume to clothing to toys to souvenirs. Some places sell only crafts made byislanders, and those are the unique buys. Yet another great thing about shoppinghere is that there is no sales tax.

Walking the crowded streets andexploring the stores, I find people friendly and willing to lend a hand. Withfriendly people, a great climate, beautiful views, amazing snorkeling, perfectbeaches, excellent shopping and lots of sightseeing, St. Thomas is a wonderfulplace. Maybe it is a paradise dreamland, but it is a paradise dreamland thattruly exists.

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By Jeaunice B.,
Conyers, GA

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