A Midday Stroll MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I began a stroll at midday once
In a field in Galloway;
The sun was shining,high and bright,
On that cool but lovely day.

I traced the trail ofothers who
Had walked this way before,
Traversing over hill and dale
Onthat grassy moor.

I paused a moment, looked about
Back the unkemptlane,
Then turned again and continued on
With my walking cane.

Iwas all alone (and I loved it)
On those rolling downs;
Surrounded by huesof early spring -
The heather still was brown.

I climbed a grassy,wind-swept knoll,
And, much to my surprise,
I found a ruin of a house
Alone beneath the skies.

I wondered who had lived here once,
Manyyears before;
Perchance someone remembered, perhaps
It was lost in locallore.

I took in this scene one last time,
And continued on -
Iwanted to explore the tracts
Before the sun was gone.

I kept walkingthrough the fields,
Unaware of the time
Being all alone to wander as Ilike:
The feeling was sublime.

By now, it was half-past six
Andthe sun was low'ring.
I thought of heading back to town, but
I'dforgotten how I'd been going.

I could not trace the path I'd taken
Since it was so bleary;
And at the pace the sun was setting,
It couldnot be made out clearly.

I had feared that I'd get lost out here, among
Many a hill and dale,
But, much to my luck, I saw someone
Emerge froma hidden vale.

I met a man, with his dog,
On his way from town.
Ihad to know how to get back
The sun was going down.

He looked like hewas heading home
He'd been in town for shopping
He told me how to get backhome,
And I thanked him for stopping.

Where he lived I did notknow
Beyond this expanse?
It seemed far, but I didn't ask, and
I gavehim one last glance.

Galloway was dark and cold
When I at lastreturned to town.
I went to the nearest pub, took a stool,
And sat myselfdown.

I spent that evening with the locals,
Merry with food anddrink
Quite an ending to my day, after
My midday stroll, I think.

Rice Cakes For A Traveler by Amie K., New City, NY

Excerpt From Japan by Nathan L., La Mirada, CA

untitled by Gowri C., Colorado Springs, CO

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St. Thomas by Michele B., Westlake, OH

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By Brandon T., Manila, UT

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