A Week at "Dobsey" MAG

By Greg F., Cumberland, ME

   Openingmy eyes to the sound of tires rubbing against dirt, I realized where I was. Irested my head on my sister's shoulders and felt the car shift to the left andthen fall silent. After a few seconds the car stopped. My dad proclaimed,"Finally, we're here." It was a beautiful day, the sun shining. As Istepped out, I slapped a mosquito. Because of that pest, I was definitelypositive where we were - Dobsey! My family and I have called the lake that eversince I was born. Located near the town of Grand Lake Stream in northern Maine,we call it Dobsey, short for the lake's real name, Sysladobsis.

I took awalk down the path cluttered with fallen trees to feel the water. An hour or twolater, camp was set up and the sky became dark, revealing brightstars.

Morning came quickly and I smelled eggs and bacon sizzling on thestove. I unzipped the tent to the early morning breeze that covered me with alight row of goose bumps. Then I walked down to the beach, as I did everymorning, to feel the temperature of the water. It felt like bath water and lookedlike glass. I could see minnows swimming. I walked the beach, waiting for Dad toget up.

Fishing, I couldn't wait! It's a good day for it, I thought,sitting on the sand and staring at a loon.

"Breakfast," yelledmy mom, disturbing my thoughts. I strolled back to the kitchen tent, sat betweenmy older sisters and waited to be served. Oh, was breakfast delicious;sunny-side-up eggs and turkey bacon.

"Dad, can we go fishingnow?" I screamed since he could barely hear me over the waves.

"No, not yet," he replied. "Let me finish my coffee. Whydon't you go swimming first?" Figures, I thought. There is always coffee inthe way when I want to do something with him.

"Fine!" I said,grabbing my trunks and skipping to the outhouse. It was a little dark, but Icould see spider webs on the sides of the walls and flies above the seat. Thestench was wicked.

When I reached the beach I put one foot in, feeling thewater cover my foot like clothes on the body. With each step, the water crepthigher until my whole body was submerged. I dove in, letting the water rushthrough my hair and over my body.

After what seemed like forever, my dadcame and said "Let's go fishing."

"Finally!" Iscreamed at the top of my lungs. With everyone in the boat, my dad slowly pushedoff from the shore.

When we got to our lucky spot, we threw out our linesand waited. We told jokes and stories, and just looked around. I felt a nibble,then a grab. "It's a big one!" I yelled, reeling in as fast as I could.

"Come on, come on, hang on just a little longer." Themonster fish jumped out of the water and came flying into the boat. Wow, was thishuge fish a struggle, I thought, sweating from the battle. Then everyone startedlaughing because the "monster" fish was only four inches long. However,I was very proud of my catch. No one had much luck that day, but it was still alot of fun. Fishing with my family is what I look forward to the most when I goto Dobsey.

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