Place I Can't Wait To Visit Again

December 15, 2009
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Place I Can’t Wait To Visit Again

The place I can’t wait to visit again is Colorado. It is a nice place to go on vacation. While on vacation you can go skiing and snowboarding on snow that is as soft a bed sheets. I have only been to Colorado a couple times and I have never been snowboarding or skiing. But just being there was a fun time.

Last spring I went to Grand Junction, Colorado and the drive was as long as the Nile River. Once we got to Lamar, Colorado and checked into a hotel I laid on the bed and it was as soft as a puppy.

When I got up the next morning I had an appetite of a hippo. So I went downstairs to eat breakfast. I ate so much, but it was just too good. After we ate we got our stuff and left the hotel. Once I stepped outside I thought I was going to freeze. It was colder than a meat locker. Then we got in the truck and headed off down the road to Grand Junction.

The rest of the way I was a overworked mule. I fell asleep on the way to the mountains and when we got there my father woke me up. Once I was awake I was as grouchy as a grizzly bear. Once we got to the top of the mountains it started snowing, the snow was as pretty as a picture.

Once we got through the mountains it was still a ways to Grand Junction. We drove along the river for a couple of hours and had to drive slowly with all the turns.

Once arriving in Grand Junction we went to the hotel where we had made our reservations. The hotel was very nice, the beds were as soft as a teddy bear. After resting for a while we went out to eat then to wal mart. Then next day we went to the JUCO World Series where Cowley College was playing. The game was fun until it started raining and I felt like a drowned rat. Once it started raining a lot they covered the field with a tarp and everyone got under the bleachers until it stopped drizzling.

When the game was over we went to eat then headed back to the hotel. The next day we went to another game, and after it we headed back home. Once in the mountains it was snowing so bad we could hardly see the road. Then we got to Denver and the snow finally stopped.

The rest of the drive from Denver to home took a little over 10 hours. I slept for probably 7 hours of the ride. It was the longest trip I had been on.

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