December 11, 2009
By , bertram, TX
This previous week my Mom and me drove to Dallas. Its a three hour drive. We played songs off my Ipod and sang to Willie Nelson, Stoney LaRue, Johnny Cash, Kevin Fowler, and Wade Bowen.
Living on a farm outside of Austin these singers are very popular. I'm used to going to big cities such as Houston, Chicago, L.A, and Atlanta, and I love Dallas. But Going to these cities always makes me realize new things. L.A in my opinion is dirty, crowded, smelly, and really really big. But no matter how many limosines I see I prefer my back home country roots. Where its a natural thing to see rattle snakes everywhere. Or to go see Stoney LaRue in concert and enjoy it, not because he's a huge sensation, but because its home, and the whole family enjoys it.
Going to Dallas, I saw a HUGE difference in people. Just on a three hour drive. I no longer see people wearing cowboy hats or boots. I now see idiots that don't know how to drive or park, and put their seats far down when they drive so they can just barely see where there going. I no longer see people who smile when you walk pass, but instead people don't even notice you and try to ram you. Its amazing how diffrent the country is from the city. And I don't know how people live like I did and do for a few days at a time. I at least can go home and take a walk where no one will notice me, or visit with my goats, and their new kids. How do other people who live in the city do it? I hope I never know. I plan on keeping my roots grounded.


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