The Perfect Vacation

December 10, 2009
By Anonymous

When I was eleven years old, I had the perfect vacation. We had the perfect destination, the perfect hotel, and when we were there, the perfect birthday party. One reason this vacation was perfect was because the destination was the Hawaiian Islands. Awe got to see volcanoes, exotic animals, rain forests, and we learned to surf. It was also perfect because we had the perfect hotel, it was a cruise ship. The cruise was so perfect because it had a lot of restaurants with perfect food, two perfect pools with the perfect slides; we got a huge suite with a perfect balcony, and much more. Finally the vacation was perfect because our family was in Hawaii for my birthday. The party was perfect because a hula girl sang me “happy birthday” tome in Hawaiian in front in front of everyone there. There was great food. It was also perfect because it was in Hawaii. My favorite vacation was my trip to Hawaii because we had the perfect destination, the perfect hotel and the perfect birthday party.

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