Fun in Colorado

December 17, 2009
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The place I can’t wait to go back is in Colorado. Colorado is a very unique place that is buzzing with excitement. On my recent trip there, I discovered that everyone is outside and doing something. Whether it is running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, or hiking everyone is outside. My favorite part about Colorado is you can do pretty much anything you want to do. If you want to go skiing or snowboarding, the slopes are only minutes away. Once you strap on your skis and take off, you can feel the ground just glide underneath your feet and the cold wind blow on your face. You might want to watch out for the Cubs though. The cubs are these little kindergarten kids that ski and snowboard better than half the people on the slopes. You might think you are going very fast and no one can catch you, but pretty soon all these little kids fly by and make you look like a fool. I personally try to stay away so I am not shown up by a bunch of kids. The worst thing about skiing is when you crash. I have had the opportunity to crash badly. I was skiing and I was under the lift, a place I try to avoid because if you crash everyone will see it happen. The slope is a good 45 degree angle so it is easy to go too fast. It is like falling off a cliff. As I got underneath the lift these big moguls (little hills) seem to pop out from no where. I am picking up a lot of speed and the moguls become too hard to keep avoiding them. I start to hit them straight on going faster and faster. There is no other trail to turn into to keep from crashing into the moguls. Soon, I simply go too fast and hit a big mogul two feet high. I crash and my skis both pop off instantly. My body rolls over and over as my feet almost touch my face and I feel like a bowling ball going fast as possible. I finally stop and stay down for good measure in case I broke my neck. When I got up I looked up and my skis were 40 ft up the mountain. Some people on the lift asked if I was alright. Of course I said yes even though my body felt like a train ran me over. It was very embarrassing, but at least it was a very bad crash. I would have felt stupid if I was only going a couple miles and hour and fell flat on my face. Although I did have to hike back up the mountain to go get my skis which by the way, were both 15 ft apart and were sticking in the ground. It looked like a car wreck and there were parts everywhere. I almost even got ran over by another skier as went to retrieve my skis. I would recommend to just not crash.

If that isn’t something you would like to do, then going hiking is something to look into. It is also a good way to blow out some steam. You can go on day hikes, or try to “rough it” and go on a week long trip that allows you to view hundreds of miles of untouched terrain. When hiking on the Continental Divide you can see miles upon miles of mountains and lakes. Sometimes the mountains touch the sky, and the clouds overcome the mountains. When it rains it falls from the bursting clouds and stuns the ground. The lakes are so clear you can see clear to the bottom and the lakes are like a mirror as you can see the reflection of the sky and mountains. It is like a perfect picture. Everywhere you look it seems as the scenery should be on a postcard. Even the animals are part of the action as you will be able to witness many wild animals such as elk, mountain goats, mountain lions and black bear. Sometimes you can spot a mountain goat scale a mountain like it was a little hill. Or even a mountain lion stalking another animal.

Colorado is place you can do countless things. If you are an outdoor person, Colorado is the place to be. I can’t wait until I can go back and go hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

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