The Perfect Get Away

December 16, 2009
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Rustic is a fine word used to explain the cabin in the deep woods of Tennessee. The place fells homey, almost as if you have lived there all your life. There are rows and rows of cabins, all similar in interior and exterior design, but cabin number five was always my favorite. The fresh air that surrounds the wooden palace makes it seem as though you have died and gone to heaven.
The cabins are located in the middle of a forest. No matter which direction you look, you can see trees gleaming up to the sky, filled with royal green leaves that shine as though they were the source of light for the world. Strips of sunlight warm your skin giving an immense amount of bliss. Like an enchanted forest seen in a Disney movie, the wild animals are your friends. It is as though they follow you as you walk down the winding paths that lead to a lake as big and stunning as the Atlantic Ocean. The fresh air makes it a new, comforting world. Fish jump out of the water, happy to greet you as you arrive at the dock that sways with the sweet smelling wind.
Sunflowers and daisies cover the border of the lake, giving it the warm feeling of being in a garden of fresh flowers. Their sweet aroma creates the feeling of complete and utter delight. Boats enter and depart the dock constantly, but there is always someone near by to send a warm wave or tell where the fish are biting the best. The way the wave gently rock the boat from side to side is serene. The sky is always a bright blue and the sun is always shining bright, as if there was no such thing as a cloudy day. Even when it rains, the cabins and lake are still the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen. The pitter-patter of the rain on the roof soothes the soul.
This wonderful place seems like a whole other world. A world where there are no such words as can’t, crime, or bad. It’s like a world you can’t help but smile from the beauty of your surroundings and the projection of paradise. This is a world as close as one can get to heaven. The cabins in the forest of Tennessee are a way to leave the stresses of life behind, just for a few days, and be carefree and have fun.

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