The Forbidden village

December 3, 2009
By Danman48 BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
Danman48 BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
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Once In Ancient China there was a group of Chinese Jews from a nearby village were searching for their breakfast. , When all of sudden a group of naked monks charge at them with a pair of bananas. But the Chinese Jews were too fast for them and a naked monk falls into the cliffs below and falls into a pit of snakes, pricks, rhinos, poison and exploding gasoline. The monk instantly ignites with red flames hot as the sun and kills everyone within 10miles. Than the other groups of naked monks surround the Chinese Jews. But than the Chinese monks invite them to come drink Jun Shan Silver Needles tea and Jew bananas they decided to talk about Jew things.,

Like Yamacas and bar mithzfas. The Chinese Jews decided to go the Chinese Jew Monastery teahouse in
The group of Chinese monks decided to go with the Chinese Jews. They had to prepare for the long journey ahead the journey consisted of roads, rivers, mountains and a lot more on the way to the tea house the monks had to go pee and the Chinese Jews yelled ??????? then all of sudden a pair of white tigers come in a group of 4. The Chinese Jews take out three of the tigers by pretending to run off a cliff at the last moment they get out of the way. The last ones lips started to drool hungry for the monks and Jews. The forest hot and thick the men with no energy panicked One of three monks was running for his life in the high speed chase he tripped he remembered he had a knife with him in his book bag without thinking he stabbed him right in the head the tiger drenched with waterfalls of blood fell on top of the monk he was drenched in blood and thick sweat drooled out of his skin. The monks and Jews continued for hours following a map in a difficult language no one’s ever seen they stumbled upon some thing a huge mountain in front of them the climbing has begun as they started to climb the inserted chains on the mountain. What seemed like days the stumbled upon a what looked like a natural water slide. How is it possible no rivers nearby they said. It had a sign one of the Jews read it. ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? ?? Jewsilumbananamonjokeahanabanachikalopsidedjew. We did it they shrieked with joy and jumped than yelled Hooray. The man made water slide was like stone very long and wide the scenery was beautiful it lead off the mountain to an unknown region. As they all jumped in the water that lead them into a tunnel than were in a cave animals they’ve never seen were in their to odd to explain. Then they fell and saw the village. It was beautiful many gardens of fruits and vegetables they’ve never seen the scenery was beautiful elephant’s, houses as far as the eye can see. Than the village chief invited them for tea. That tea only grew in that area it was black and yellow but it was the best tea they’ve ever had. After they were done the village chief said they never had to leave. They never left.

The author's comments:
It's about exploring a sacred monatary

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