the virgin mary

December 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Every year on the second week of December they have a traditional dance for the Virgin Mary celebration.
The story starts out when a man named Juan Diego was walking toward the hill of Tepeyca and was stopped by the appearance of the beautiful woman that is the Virgin Mary. She told him to go tell the bishop of a church to build a church on the hill for her but when Juan Diego told the bishop he didn’t believe him. The next time the Virgin Mary appeared it was in the house of Juan Diego and told him to go collect flowers on the hill of Tepeyca. Then Juan Diego knew that there was no flowers growing on the rocky hill because it was December still he went to the hill almost reaching the hill he was surprised by the colorful flowers so then he picked the flowers with his pancho and then again went to see the bishop. When Juan Diego arrived at the church he told the bishop about building the church for the Virgin Mary the bishop didn’t believe him until he unraveled his pancho showing the image of the Virgin and the roses that were on the ground glowed like a diamonds. Then the bishop believed him and then they built the church on the hill of Tepeyca and the pancho was put up as the churches alter. That’s the story on why the Virgin Mary is celebrated.
This year they are having the groupo de los Jovenes dance the traditional Matachinez. Kathia Moreno said” This year the group is going to be all right”. They have practices on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 and are hard at work getting down the steps and trying to perfect every movement. There are thirty-four people in the dance. The dance starts at the bakery and they end up dancing in the Saint Joseph Catholic Church. The Virgin Mary is carried at the front of the Matachinez for the celebration and then brought into the church. It’s a very beautiful celebration to go see and to be present for it. For the people who want to go see it, it will take place the 13th of December at 11:00 am. Everyone is welcome!

The author's comments:
well this is a special tradition in our community

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