The truth about fur

December 3, 2009
By ninster900 BRONZE, Clifton Park, New York
ninster900 BRONZE, Clifton Park, New York
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In the fashion Industry fur has always been a staple for elegance and swagger. But what is the price payed for these so called luxurious assets? Chinchillas, rabbits, lynxes, cows, mink, foxes, raccoons, and even hamsters, are farmed by the fur industry as fashionable outerwear items. In some Chinese manufacturers they actually used cat and dog fur to cut down costs of the actually animals they are sold as. How do you know that mink coat isn’t actually kitten?

The FICA (Fur Information Council of America) claims that fur has made an impact on American culture and economy. They also say talk about how since the dawn of time fur has been worn by our ancestors. So they point out the fact, whats wrong with it now? For one point they may be right, but its a fact that neanderthals didn’t have the luxury of denim, cotton and fancy polycarbonate blends, they had the rest of dinner. So the question is, is it wrong to use fur even though our ancestors did.

On the positive side of fur is that it is a major part of the fashion worlds economy. Also it is a classic piece to a throw back outfit. On the negative side, millions of animals are killed every year for fabrics that can be made synthetically. Also most of the animals that are used for fur are confined in small cages and fattened or starved. Not to mention the fact that some corrupted companies use domestic dog and cat fur and label it as another animals fur to cut out the cost of the actual animal.

So is it worth it when the same material can be made synthetically? You can decide that for yourself armed with the knowledge. Animals have feelings, nerves and emotion. Is it worth the comfort of fur?

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I try not to be biased with my views but my beliefs are strong.

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