The Most Amazing Thing

November 23, 2009
By Anonymous

You wake up in the morning and your stomach makes a grumbling noise. You run downstairs and grab a bowl of your favorite cereal. You’re satisfied; that is until you get to about eleven in the morning. Your stomach makes the same growling noise it made that morning, except it’s worse. You’re hungry. The only thing that will satisfy this fully is food.

Food is everywhere. It’s an everyday essential that fulfills our hunger. Everybody has their favorite type and least favorite food for their tastes. Some are salty some are sweet; some are sour and some are spicy. There are endless opportunities for food choices. Food has different types for different cultures, times of day, holidays, and special events.

For different cultures they have different foods. In Mexico they have tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Those are considered to be very spicy. Italy is known for their pizza, spaghetti, and other pastas. In America the foods we are known for include: apple pie, hot dogs, and fried chicken. These are just some of the many foods of many different cultures.

There are different types of foods for the time of day. For instance, in the morning you wake up and eat something along the lines of cereal. You don’t wake up and have a big plate of spaghetti. There are foods that are considered just for breakfast. Lunch foods would be just sandwiches or soups. There are also foods that are considered just for dinner like spaghetti. Some snack foods would be like granola bars, chips, and trail mix. Sometimes people have hor d'oeuvres which would be like crackers and cheese.

For holidays there are different types of food. For instance, you wouldn’t just have a turkey and some stuffing for any old occasion. Ham is another food you wouldn’t just have everyday. These foods usually take a lot of time for preparation and aren’t made in small quantities.

When you go to the fair, there are different foods there. Almost all of the foods there are on a stick, fried, and fattening. There are some other special occasions that specific food is used for. For birthdays you usually have cake and ice cream. A lot of people have ice cream at other times besides for just birthdays. The summertime is a great example of when people like to eat ice cream because it is so hot outside.

Food will always be around. There really isn’t any substitute for it. Food comes in many different varieties and it is used for many different occasions.

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