My Crazy Sunday

November 1, 2009
My day all started at 7:00 am after sleeping over my friends house. We got up and went to breakfast in the morning with his parents. After a large breakfast they took me home. At home I was to cut the grass and pick up leaves so i decided just to bag the grass and cut it and pick up the leaves at the same time. After finishing the grass my parents were about to leave to go to Homedepot to buy a new dryer. When arriving at Homedepot we realized they didn't have what we were looking for so we headed off to Lowe's. We picked one out there and headed home. After removing the old dryer we installed the new one into place and connected the gas line, but not with out a few opsticles. First the dryer was too big so we had to remove some doors to make it fit. Second the vent was not long enough to fit on to the dryer. So we headed back out to Lowe's to get an attachment. We were almost home when we realized there was a car on the side of the rode with the right end smashed up. Not paying attention my dad had to swerve to miss the deer that the car had it a few minutes before. After passing that we reached home to finish with the dryer and got done just in time so that my mom could do her laundry that had sat there for the whole day.

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