My Life in China

November 22, 2009
By Joy Lee SILVER, Osceola, Wisconsin
Joy Lee SILVER, Osceola, Wisconsin
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Everyone has his or her own special decision in his or her life, and it changes people’s lives sometimes. For me, “To live in China or not, that was my question.” I decided to go to China to learn Chinese by myself, and I never knew that it would change my life.

The first time I was in China, I could not understand Chinese, and I missed my family so much. I had a hard time getting used to a new life in a different country, but I learned how to be independent, how to be responsible, and how to persevere. For example, I found that I could do many things without my parents, and I could make my own decisions in life. It helped me a lot to be independent even though it was very hard at first. I not only learned about independence, but also discovered my dream in China. I found that I could tell Chinese people about my country as well, so I decided to be a diplomat who discusses affairs with other countries on behalf of his or her own country. Since I set goals for my life and I had a dream, I worked hard to earn good grades.

I used to live with a Chinese family, and it helped me a lot with learning Chinese cultures. My Chinese family cooked some Chinese food, took me some historical places, such as The Great Wall and The Forbidden City, and told me about Chinese traditions. I learned from them that I really did not matter if we were related to each other to be a good family.

The most unforgettable thing in China is the memory with my friends. My friends used to help me with my Chinese, and I helped them with their Math. We helped each other and discussed our work. We were very different in cultures, traditions, and interests, but we became good friends and still keep in touch. I heard that Chinese people were very devoted before I went to China, and my friends proved that it was true.

Some people said “You are too young to leave your parents.” Or “It is harder than you thought, so you have to think about it carefully. Some people went abroad and ruined their lives,” but I really enjoyed my life in China. Of course I could not spend my time with my family, however, I learned about important things that not everyone learns in his or her life. Independence, perseverance, dreaming, and adaptation in different countries with out family-these are the things I learned in China, and I am sure these will influence the rest of my life. I am very thankful that I experienced such a good adventure.

The author's comments:
I am very thankful that I had such a good adventure in China, so I want to share a good change of my life with this as a momentum, and I want many people know the importance of courage. I really hope that the people who read my article will be more courageous, and more confident in themselves.
PS: I am a foreigner, so maybe there is something incorrect in my article. I hope people can understand my article even if there is something incorrect in my article. Thank you.

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on Feb. 20 2014 at 5:37 pm
i really enjoy the simplisity of this artical and i am astonished by how much work is included in being a teenager in china as i am fromdown under and live with the kangaroos so my school is run by crokodile dundee and we just learn how to kill stuff

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