Eating Pizza With A Fork?

October 26, 2009
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During the summer I went to England where I have learned that there are many cultural differences between the United States and the United Kingdom. For one thing, England is a lot cleaner. Not only are the streets cleaner, but the air is cleaner, as well. Also, the way that they eat their food, drive, and send their mail is different too. Throughout my whole traveling experience, I have learned that England and the United States are similar but are also unlike in many cultural ways.

In England, they have a different dialect so some of their words differ from ours. Therefore, instead of “candy” they call it “sweets”. Instead of saying “bicycle” it is called “cycling”. They also use bicycles more than they drive cars. That is very good for the environment. This is something that should be done more often in the United States. In England, have a Queen. Her name is Queen Elizabeth II. The palace where she lives, (Buckingham Palace) is huge. They also have a British accent in the United Kingdom whereas in the United States there are various types of accents. In America, we have zip codes. In England, they have what is called a postcode. A postcode is similar to a zip code but it is slightly different. In the United States, it is required that we put a zip code after the address that you are sending it to. In England, all you would have to do is put your name and your postcode and your mail will be delivered to you. Their method of driving is different too. Americans drive on the left side of the car and in England you drive on the right side of the car. Highways in England start with an “N” for national, “M” for motorway, or “R” for route.

There are many differences in the way we eat, too. In England, they eat pizza, hamburgers, French fries, etc. with a knife and fork. In America, we eat French fries with our fingers and we don’t use forks and knives for those kinds of foods. In America, coffee is the most popular drink that adults usually imbibe. In England, they have tea instead of coffee. In America, you must be at least 21 or older to be able to drink. But, in England, once you turn 18, you are allowed to drink.

Overall, I think that the way people in Britain live their lives is much simpler. Instead of writing out an entire address, all they would have to do is write the name of the person who they are sending it to with their postcode. Also, most people ride their bicycles to school or work instead of cars. This is something that would be incredibly helpful to our environment. Personally, I would never move to England because I am too used to the American way of life, but we should start learning from what they do and start making a difference here.

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