A Trip to Remember...

August 28, 2009
I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in Music class, in 6th grade, while talking to my friend. All of a sudden the teacher's phone rang and I knew it was for me. Today, just a few days before Thanksgiving, I get to go to Italy! I have never been out of the country and I couldn't wait! I grabbed my bag in a hurry, said goodbye to my friends, and rushed out the door.

In no time, we were at the airport preparing to board the plane. They called our zone and my mom, dad, brother, my sister and I, walked on the plane. We put our bags away and sat in our seats. I was ready for the twelve hour plane ride.

A few hours later, they served us dinner and desert. While I was stuck in my seat, I started to feel sleepy, and I dozed off. Early morning, I woke up to a flight attendant serving me breakfast. Then, I heard the pilot's voice on the speaker, “We will be landing in about 10 minutes.”

Shortly, the plane had landed on the runway and I was walking off the plane into the Italian airport. I was shocked, everyone was speaking a different language, I felt like I was surrounded by a sea of people who were from a different planet. We got in our rental car, which happened to be the smallest car I've ever seen, and headed off to Venice.

After we left Venice, we headed to Florence. Although Venice and Florence were quite beautiful and adventurous, it was Rome I was ecstatic about.

Rome was very populated and beautiful. We stayed in a fancy hotel, but spent most of our time roaming the streets. Rome was full of adventure and history. There was always something new. One of the most memorable places was the Vatican. We went to the Vatican on Sunday and we got to see the Pope! After the church service was over, we went into the Sistine Chapel. In the Sistine Chapel there was lots of art, that illustrated Italy's troubles in history. It was interesting to learn about the past and some of Italy's history involved the United States, which really kept me on my toes because all of this art and history was new to me.

The most exciting thing for me to see was the Coliseum. The Coliseum was old and worn down quite a bit, but it still caught my attention. It was HUGE! There were a bunch of windows and lights surrounding it, almost like a stadium. Although that was interesting, there was also somewhat of a trail, leading you through to what seemed ancient pieces from old homes or buildings. I don't know what they came from, but there were bits and pieces everywhere from homes and buildings. Some of the pieces were still put together, they were ancient pieces of Italy they had dug up and it was something that kept me thinking. Thinking, people from ages ago had nothing but old rocks, for homes, stuff they took months and time to build. It made me think and appreciate everything we have today, that helps us with projects like that.
Today, we are more built in technology and have more opportunities and privileges. We are very lucky to have this technology and we shouldn’t take it for granted. In the future, I would like the opportunity to travel to Italy once more and see if any new changes occur. Who knows what’s in store for our future?

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