Trip to Thailand

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

A photo can give you more than a thousand words. When I look at a picture I can imagine a lot of different things. For example I can imagine what someone was doing, and other things.

One photo I like the most is a photo of me riding an aqua jet in Thailand. I like this because I had a lot of fun riding it. I have ridden them several times but I enjoyed riding in Thailand the most. When I see that photo I feel that I had traveled through time.

When I went out of airport I could gradually feel the hot air coming toward me. First time I thought the sun was moving toward me. My mouth was so dry and I can feel my spit evaporating in the air. Then I took off all my jackets and my shoes. I wanted to make myself as cool as possible because I got a little dizzy. I couldn't say anything else except "hot". It was so hot that I couldn't stand on the sand. I couldn't stay out so I went into the hotel. I wondered what I could do in the hotel because I was so bored to death. Then suddenly I saw an aqua jet commercial and I suddenly stood up and changed into shorts and a tank top. I had a mini fan with me and when I turned on the mini fan I was waiting for cool air to come. I relaxed for a moment, but then when the mini fan moved faster and faster, I felt like I was standing before a heater. 1the moment that hot air touched me, I felt like every drop of my sweat I had on my body drip down. I stopped the fan as quickly as possible, and moved my feet to the beach. I rented an aqua jet and turned on the engine. When I close my eyes I can hear the engine moving and when I twisted the handle the aqua jet slowly moved and I felt cold and clean air coming towards me. When I twisted more and more the speed went up and it became hard to control but when I went really fast it was very cool so I could forget how hot it was. I think no one could feel that level of happiness except me. When I tasted the cool air I felt like I was eating ice cream. My whole body shivered for a moment and it made my body cooled enough to feel chicken skin. I saw illusion; I thought I was in heaven for a moment.

I really liked the ride in Thailand because there was no speed limit. When I rode in Australia or Korea, they had speed limits and there are too many people so it wasn't as much fun as riding in Thailand.

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