The Quantity and Quality of Advertisements

June 14, 2009
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The quantity and quality of modern day advertisements is dramatically changing. The quantity is going through the roof and the quality is constantly stooping to a lower level. Am I the only one sick of this transparent “technique” people call marketing?
Skim through an issue of most teen girl magazines until you get to the fashion part. You would think you would know you’re there when you get to the part with the models. But unfortunately modern day culture has increased the quantity of ads using unnatural models, meaning when you flip through a magazine, models are plastered on almost every page. I’ll explain what I mean by unnatural. In this case I’m talking about naturally beautiful women who have been given a mask of makeup and a costume of clothing to look beautiful enough to be accepted into the media, or too fit marketers’ standards. Not only have models been given excessive amounts of makeup and designer clothes, but they’ve been “edited” by a computer to look more “in”, less normal, and skinnier. According to model agencies and marketing companies a size three is barely hanging on to the look necessary for their standards. When a girl knows that even models aren’t “beautiful” enough then how does the media expect girls do react? Do they expect them to feel good about themselves? No! This is what most girls being negatively affected by the media don’t understand, marketers want you to feel bad about yourself so that you will try to mirror models by using their products. So here’s what we’ve got going on with advertisements aimed at everyday teenagers: photo-shop, which could also be called lies, and selfish people attempting to make us spend money to resemble something non-existent. Does that sound like good quality to you?
Have you ever noticed that most commercials and advertisements really aren’t that important, that you can find that information out somewhere else? Somewhere like, I don’t know, the store actually carrying that product. I don’t understand why some of these useless commercials have to interrupt the television show I’m watching, the radio station I’m listening to, or the magazine that I’m just trying to read.

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