Congresso Nacional

May 26, 2009
By Darlene Santos BRONZE, Belem, PA, Other
Darlene Santos BRONZE, Belem, PA, Other
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Though I have traveled to places both near and far, I had never been to a capital of a country until this trip. It was day 5 of our trip, the air was crisp, and the sun was out as we all headed to the government buildings in downtown Brasilia. We walked by street venders, libraries, man made ponds, a cathredral, and even a protest, until we got to the place that fascinated me the most.
There stood the prettiest building of them all, the Congresso Nacional (The National Congress). The building looked very simple to me, but yet so complex. Walking towards it, I could feel a smile coming upon my face. It was had a dome and a open bowl shaped buildings with two narrow building in the middle that were connected by a horizontal floor which made an “H” for Humanity. The grass in front of the building was a football field’s length and marvelously green. Behind us were flags of all the state’s of Brasil, and in front of us stood the impressive Congresso. There I stood in the place where all of the decisions and laws for my country were being made everyday. Through the glass doors we were all refreshed by the air conditioning of the main lobby. Then we were taken on a tour of this wonderful place.
Climbing up black velvet stairs, we arrived to one of the two biggest attractions in the Congresso: the Senate. The room had blue velvet carpet, with a ceiling that looked like a whole bunch of crystals. Woven into the carpet were different figures: the Congress, the Brazilian flag, and the cathedral. In the front of the room was a rectangular wood table with blue seats. Below, there were many seats with laptops and radios on the desks. As I walked around, I kept taking pictures in my head so that I would always remember this place. I was amazed. It was like I could almost picture myself sitting down below while the senate was in session.
Through a winding path, we ended up at the other big attraction: the House of Representatives. It was simpler, but, in my view, of greater importance. It is here where laws are being made to influence the lives of all Brazilian citizens. Brasil’s President and Vice President bring their speeches to the nation at the House of Representatives. This large structure filled me with awe. What fascinated me even more about these rooms, was that they were rooms that I saw daily on the news. How amazing was it that I was there, in the midst of where all the action a couple hours later would occur?
Sadly, I left the Congresso, for I knew what a grand place it was. Yet, I was happy that I experienced in that day more than any normal citizen of any country can say. I met my capital’s government buildings and experienced the feeling of being in such an important place.

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