An Experience That Rocked my World

May 22, 2009
By allison esber BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
allison esber BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
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A couple months ago I had the privledge to travel to Haiti on a mission trip. This trip opened up my eyes and allowed me to be able to experience another culture for the first time. I was no longer in the comfort of my own home, my own country but taking a step toward the most poor country in the westward hemisphere.
The mission trip made me realize that I have so much and should be grateful for what I am given. Instead I was caught up in the drama in my world and thought mostly of myself. Haiti made me realize that it is not all about me and I should be using the gifts I have to go out and help others. The people in Haiti are poverty stricken but yet have so much peace, joy, and happiness within the lives they lead everyday. Even though they live in shanty houses and struggle to find food, they pull together and give each other hope, looking for the silver lining. I learned to never give up and take on actions that they have.
Not only are they happy but do not take for granite the things I do. Clean drinking water and healthy sanitation conditions are hard to find and also clothes. I realize the water that is wasted at my house by taking too long in the shower or wasting a cup of water should stop. The Haitian people would be fortunate to have that but yet I treated that like it was nothing and ungrateful for what I have been blessed with. Also Haitian people do not care what typ of clothing they wear as long as it is modest and something to cover themselves up with. Some of the children only have a t-shirt on their back and I have a closet full of nice clothes. Even though their are many items in my closet I was not satisfied with what I had until I traveled to Haiti.

We as a community and as a country should be shouting out to the world, reaching out, compassionatly helping out others less fortunate then us. No longer will I look at myself the same and my world. From their on out I decided to change my actions and shout out to my family and friends and tell about the poverty stricken country that desparatley needs help. Within Haiti I found peace in myself and a desire to help others and be grateful for what I have.

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